About me

I am here to help you speak Spanish

  • I have a degree in Hispanic Philology, I have DELE C2 and an online Spanish course endorsed by the UAMC University

  • I rely on an individual approach for everyone who wants to learn a foreign language and I teach fully according to their wishes, goals and available time.

  • In learning foreign languages, in addition to the theoretical part, I place great emphasis on the practical part, that is the expression of the language.

  • Individual online lessons are easy and appropriate for everyone who does not have the physical ability to learn a foreign language in a language center.

  • Whether you want to learn a foreign language for work, personal interest or just because...

  • I will offer you effective and high-quality foreign language training with the guarantee of successful language acquisition and learning!

Real-time lessons

Flexible time

Free Help Materials

Affordable prices for regular students

Our online Spanish lessons are NOT recorded! The teacher and the student have a direct conversation through, Zoom, Viber, Google Meet or Skype.

In the online Spanish training, you choose the day and time of the lesson.

You determine the schedule of your Spanish training.

All additional teaching aids required for online lessons are completely free.

Giving and reviewing homework is an essential part of online training, which in turn is completely free.

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